The Polo Tecnológico Rosario was authorized to operate as a UVT (Unidad de Vinculación Tecnológica, Unit of Technology Linkage) by the Resolution 243/08 of the Science, Technology and Innovation Agency of Santa Fe (Agencia Santafecina de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación), which reports to the National Ministry of Education, Science and Technology. 

The vision of the Financing Area is to promote, among public and private companies and institutions of the region, the use of financing tools for their development.
The UVT serves as an operating and administrative link between Research and Development organizations and institutions, the community as a whole and, the productive means in particular. It helps companies and institutions of the region by identifying, providing information, producing and managing Research and Development projects, technology transfer and technical support with the aim of improving its operational and business capacities.

Benefits and Services

Information on available grants and credits
This area provides information on financing opportunities and, particularly, about the current calls for proposals of public bodies at the municipal, provincial and national levels.

Production and management of projects
The Financing Area offers its partners, at a special cost, assistance for the submission and management of projects. 

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