The Business Committee focuses on setting up spaces/creating opportunities that facilitate the development of associative offerings of goods and services of the Polo Tecnológico Rosario, as well as on the proper development of demands.
It promotes instances of outreach with the different sectors of the government, independent bodies and companies with demands that are in line with the technology sector. It explores and recommends business opportunities for partner companies.

Proposals of the Committee:

  • To produce a record of primary and secondary activities of the sector, as well as of the goods and services of each of the partner companies.
  • To optimize the debate of business activities and of the existing opportunities.
  • To explore business opportunities with the public and private sectors.
  • To generate an approaching activity of offer and demand in Zone I.

Coordinator: Ricardo Spampinato (COA)

The Education Committee proposes alternative ways regarding the socialization of the educational offer of the institution. It suggests new instances for trainings on cutting-edge technologies. It explores opportunities of involvement with bodies and organizations for the development of strategic actions.

Proposals of the Committee:

  • To produce the new web portal for online learning of the PTR.
  • To generate at least one course with an educational path of various levels.
  • To continue positioning the PTR as a key actor on the area of technology, reinforcing the relationship with the Ministry of Education of the Province.
  • To sustain the offering of workshops and trainings of the Polo Training Hub, aligned with the global technological trends.

Coordinator: Ignacio Sanseovich (TECSO)

The Internalization Committee fosters the internationalization of the partner companies through alliances that allow to generate procedures to guide companies in the process of developing activities and businesses abroad.

Proposals of the Committee:

  • To define a procedure and provide training to the partners that would allow them to walk through the internalization process.
  • To generate meeting points between partner companies that export or work abroad and companies planning to take this path.
  • To articulate actions with renowned institutions that can facilitate reaching the set goals.

Coordinator: Ramiro Schillagi (Accion Point)



The Communities Committee outlines initiatives for generating entrepreneurial communities in the area of technology, in the city of Rosario, especially Zone. It suggests options to support entrepreneurs with the aim of linking them with the current promotion programs. Also, it explores opportunities to link technological needs with innovative ideas.

Proposals of the Committee:

  • To attract innovators and the new generations to the ecosystem of the PTR and Zone I, and to support them through State Promotion Programs for the technology sector.
  • To contribute with the positioning of the PTR and Zone I as a referent on innovation.
  • To generate new opportunities for training for Lab of the Polo Tecnológico Rosario, generating and attracting the critical mass of interested groups on specific cutting-edge subjects.
  • To articulate with the public sector, private companies and entrepreneurs with the aim of linking the demand of technological needs with innovative ideas.
  • To develop Zone I as a meeting point for enthusiasts on new technologies, by hosting events, talks and hackathones.

Coordinator: Juan Pablo Manson (Interactive Dynamics)

The Financing Committee reviews and analyzes public and private financing tools. Also, it promotes the production of projects through the Division of Technological Linkage (UVT, by its Spanish acronym) of the Polo Tecnológico Rosario. It makes recommendations on trainings to companies interested in having access to the different financing opportunities.

Proposals of the Committee:

  • To review and analyze public and private financing tools, focusing mainly on non-traditional tools or venture capital.
  • To establish a work philosophy that will allow interested companies to develop the capacity to access the various financing tools.
  • In doing so, to enhance the available options for local SMEs that only have access to financing through banking institutions and/or by the allocation of their own capital.
  • To achieve the goal of having 3 to 5 companies that obtain private financing for the development of their business plans by March 2020.

Coordinator: Carlos Cerrutti (BLC)

It promotes the involvement of women in the area of technology as leaders of change, teams and companies, as well as creators of innovation, technology professionals and entrepreneurs

Proposals of the Committee:

  • To encourage young women of the city and region to undertake studies on technology.
  • To stimulate the involvement of women in activities and events related with technology.
  • To promote leadership and entrepreneurship of women in the area of technology.

Coordinator: Laura Amelong (Bioceres)


The Industry 4.0 Committee focuses on promoting digital transformation and the integration of technology in production processes. To this aim, it works in articulation with both at the company level as well as the government levels.

Coordinator:  Juan Pablo Manson (Interactive Dynamics)





The general goal of this Committee is to strengthen the sector of Technology Companies focused on agtech of the PTR by articulating with the public sector, universities and centers of I+D, contributing with the development of innovative solutions on specific problems of the local and regional ecosystem, enhancing their competitiveness and promoting the export of goods and services.

Coordinator:  Guillermo Civetta (PTR)