Why Becoming a Partner

Who can become a partner of the PTR?
Al companies based on technology can become a partner.


Institutional Exposure

  • Your company will be part of a regional and national renowned organization, with presence in the media by its institutional communications unit.
  • You will have a spot in the website of the PTR with a direct access link to your company’s website.
  • You will receive a mailing with news, events, information from other partners and relevant information for the technology sector.

Institutional and company partnerships

  • Your company will strengthen ties of mutual knowledge with the partner companies on the areas of software, hardware, automatization, telecommunications and biotechnology.
  • Your company will be linked with governments, universities and R+D hubs.
  • The institution will represent your company in ICT chains and BIO at the provincial level, and in the Advisory Committee of the municipal and provincial governments.
  • You will receive the benefits related to the partnering of the PTR with CESSI.
  • You will be in directly related to the institutions in which the PTR is a member, such as ADERR and FISFE.