Zone I Dossier

Zone I projects a cutting-edge Technology Node that fosters collaborative dynamics of innovation for the production of technologies, scientific and educational activities, and the creation of quality jobs for the youth. In a space of 12 acres shared by companies based on technology, entrepreneurs and institutions of knowledge open new possibilities for the improvement of regional competitiveness, social inclusion and the creation of high-quality jobs.

This is an initiative promoted by the government of the Santa Fe Province, the Polo Tecnológico Rosario (technology companies, universities and governments) and the Municipality of Rosario.

It has been built as an official Technology Park of the Province by the Provincial Decree N.° 4261/12 and the signing of an agreement between the Government of the Santa Fe Province and Polo Tecnológico Rosario, ratified by the Provincial Decree N.° 35/2013, by which the administration and management of the Technology Area Node of Rosario was transferred to the Polo Tecnológico Rosario (an association of technology companies, provincial and municipal governments, and universities) for a period of 30 years.

Settled in a space of approximately 12.5 acres in the site of the former Communications Battalion 121, Zone I is made up of several physical areas for the settlement of companies, entrepreneurs and institutions of knowledge and innovation. It is composed of iconic buildings with heritage value, three recycled and reevaluated units of approximately 3 square miles each, three buildings operating as “Technology Containers” of 500 to 1000 square miles each. The training and institutional development area operates in the iconic building of the “Former Casino of Army Officers” and a resto-bar, to be built soon, are integrated in the project in a dynamic of synergy and innovation, which, without any doubts, will be an attractive offer to the neighbors of the area. The adaptation and development of these spaces are managed by Polo Tecnológico Rosario and BMR Mandatos y Negocios.

On December 20th, 2013, the refurbishing work began on the first unit, in a space of 3 square miles that will form the first unit of technology (ICTs and Engineering). At that moment, the President of the Polo Tecnológico Rosario, Federico Rojking, considered that “it has been proven that the public and private sectors can work together for the same shared goals, and that Rosario has a technology sector that supports, together with the public sector, the generation of a scientific and technological development that will give this region a new background, while fostering the sector and the company growth.”

“December 2013 will set a milestone, as it is on this date that our dream became real: the Technology Area Node of Rosario”, declared Antonio Bonfatti, Governor of Santa Fe, when he visited the construction works that were beginning to be performed.

The first building, named Nave Tecnológica (in English, Technology Unit), of 3 square miles, would host the 17 pioneering companies of Zone I. To this end, in July 2013, several agreements were signed for the settlement of IT, Communications and Engineering companies, selected in the first Public Call of technology companies 2012-13.

The assessment of the companies was performed by an External Committee, composed of national and international experts on the subject, who prioritized the assessment of proposals aimed at developing innovative products or services based on technology, as well as companies that had or planned to contract qualified technical staff, especially from the region; that can demonstrate a linkage with national or international technology companies or research and development institutes of the region; that have in place a feasible project for an innovative development focused on internationalization and quality; and that conducts its activities respecting the environment.

The pioneering companies are: BLC SA; TBM SRL; Cooperativa de Trabajo Tecso Ltda.; Consultores en Organización Asociados SA; Colinet Trotta S.A.; ESG Dilec SA; Transdatos S.A.; Interlink S.R.L.; Szicom; Profit Sistemas SRL; Login Informática S.A.; Cooperativa de Trabajo Equality Ltda; Sisgra S.R.L.; Quality Systems Group SRL; BI Consultant S.A.; Pampa Business Ideas S.R.L. The companies settled in the unit 2 appear below.


The company settlement model in Zone I is framed on the promotion of local development through public and private investment. The commitment of the pioneering companies that decided to take this endeavor and invested in Zone I, is captured in an Adhesion Contract in Zone I, by which each of the 17 companies were committed to making money contributions so as to adapt the space to settle their offices. This contribution, which makes it possible to establish this great pole of productive development of technologies, grants the right to use, at no charge, the office and common areas, as well as the payment of shared maintenance costs, for a maximum of 20 years. After that period, and for a maximum of 10 years, the companies have to pay the monthly location expenses and shared maintenance costs. The building is run by a committee of representatives of the companies settled and the Polo Tecnológico Rosario.

The first technology building of Zone I has 3 square miles, 17 company offices, areas of shared use including meeting rooms, cafeteria, a Data Center, restrooms and offices on each floor.

The project was developed in two levels: the restoration work of its facades and roofs, repairing the complete front lining and all the original ornamental elements, were focused on preserving and restoring the original aspect of the building. Furthermore, on the interiors, re-purposing works were implemented in the premises, applying new construction technologies, including state-of-the-art facilities for temperature control systems, fire detection appliances, access control and data transfer, as well as new services and restrooms, in order to address the current and future needs.


On its strategic axis, Zone I also includes an Education and Science and Technology Space, targeted at promoting and developing entrepreneur capacities and high professional quality in technology areas, articulating with Schools, Institutes, Research Centers and Universities. These initiatives will foster democratization of knowledge and the digital inclusion of children and youngsters, new opportunities to access to quality jobs and the addition of high-level knowledge in the companies of Zone I.

In this sense, while advancements are made on the creation, together with the Ministry of Education, of a Comprehensive Educational Project aimed on integrating traditional technical education programs with the development of the technological profile required in production-business environments based on knowledge and innovation, on February 2015, an agreement was signed with the Ministry of Education of Santa Fe Province to begin conducting, within the facilities of the Technology Area, Technical Degrees of Higher Education referred to new technologies applied to computing development, telecommunications, engineering and electronics, among others. Currently, we are currently working to adapt the facilities for the next academic year.



Within this axis, in May 2015, the Meeting Zone I event was held with several activities for children, youths, entrepreneurs, companies, scientists and the local residents of the city. It also included an Education Area for careers on technology, a simulation game for entrepreneurs (Zone I Challenge), Videogame Lab and a Technology Expo of the pioneering companies in Zone I. The event also included live shows and several attractions.

The Meeting Zone I event was an initiative that completely internalized this project in the daily life of the southern area of the city and the city as a whole, where children, teenagers, entrepreneurs, scientists and technology companies can investigate, imagine, learn, produce, transform and be the leaders of a proposal for transformation and inclusion.


In November 2015, the construction works on the first technology building were completed. The total estimated public-private investment was ARS 67 million.

In November 2015, the first technology building, Nave 2, in Zone I, was opened.

Raúl Siri, President of the Polo Tecnológico Rosario, with Antonio Bonfatti, Governor of the City of Rosario, David Asteggiano, Secretary of State of Science, Technology and Innovation, Monica Fein, City Mayor, and other authorities of the Municipality of Rosario and the Province of Santa Fe, leaded the inaugural event, during which the official handing over and investiture of the offices to the 17 local pioneering technology companies and to the Polo Tecnológico Rosario.

“In order to continue our journey to be included in the global agenda, we need more units like this one, more company owners with the same commitment and shared vision that investing in technology companies is investing in the future, transforming the matrix and the tendency to think only real estate investments”, declared Siri.

For his part, Antonio Bonfatti, Governor of the City of Rosario, declared: “The day we were looking forward to has arrived. The dreams we had regarding this beautiful part of the city have come true”.

In order to consolidate the entrepreneur and scientific-technological environment, advances have been made on agreements and the signing of understandings with company incubators, research institutions and universities for their settlement in the premises as the facilities are opened.

Zone I gathers several actors that, through innovation, entrepreneurship and development, give life to this space that positions Rosario as a national and international referent on the subject.

On October 30th, 2018, the second building of the technology complex was opened. This is a twin building of Nave 2, that holds companies based on technology, the headquarters of the Polo Tecnológico Rosario and the Training Room, the headquarters of the Special Projects of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation of the Province of Santa Fe and the Innovation Area of the Municipality of Rosario. 

12 companies were incorporated to Nave 2. Mainly, these companies work in the areas of Software and Biotechnology and they share the space with other production sectors settled in Zone their units of innovation and R+D, fostering the synergy and collaborative work among the companies.



More than 500 members of the companies established in the technology park circulate through this innovation center.

In 2019, a new space was opened in Zone I, the Zone I Maker, a building of 2625 square feets composed of three spaces: a multipurpose Auditorium with a capacity for 300 persons, a co-working space and the Maker Space, a workshop designed to drive new projects and ideas of our city.

The building was conceived especially to serve the needs of the communities generated around innovation.

The Zone I Project is a unique opportunity to transform the south side of Rosario into a leading science, technology and cultural sector that can make Rosario one of the most dynamic and innovative cities of the country.

ZONA I, a place where innovation, imagination, inclusion and the future have no limits.