28 octubre, 2012



On 2014, we advanced gradually on implementing a series of activities derived from the Institutional Strategy, defined the previous year, focused on the following Strategic Axis: Technological Area Node of Rosario, Training of Human Capital, Innovation and Promotion of Public-Private and Private-Private Business, BIO; as well as the incorporation of the BIO Strategic Axis as a new working frame.
In this sense, important advances were made on the Technology Area Node of Rosario by developing the construction works of Nave 1, generating proposals for transport (Ente de Movilidad Rosario, the transport of the city of Rosario) and services for the companies that will be establishing themselves in the city, as well as the launching of the second call for a new group of technology companies. Furthermore, we continued developing a series of training efforts for the youth on the subject of new technologies (Empleartec-Cessi Program), conducting new In Company workshops on demand for the partner companies, as well as non-partner companies, of the Polo Tecnológico Rosario.
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