28 octubre, 2012



At the beginning of 2016, following the planned biannual procedure, the process of renewal of authorities of the Directing Board and the Audit Committee of the institution was developed according to the statuary proceedings set forth for the nomination of active partner companies and the subsequent election and taking of positions. The results of the election were as follows: Germán Giro, form Cooperativa de Trabajo Tecso (Tecso Work Cooperative), was elected President, and Juan Pablo Manson, from Interactive Dynamics company, was elected Executive Vice President:. In addition, Arturo Rabin, a representative of the Municipality of Rosario, was brought on board (as a permanent member of the PTR).
Subsequently, a strategic revision was developed, including a discussion and the agreement on the strategic plan 2016-18 of the PTR, which was consolidated in two action levels: The Institutional Level and the Company Level, incorporating as well the public-private project Zone I, mainly based on the fact that the PTR has as a challenge to find a balance in its institutional effort, not only on the institutional side but also in its offering of services to its partner companies, two aspects that form part of the PTR mission.
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