28 octubre, 2012


memorias 2018-01

In 2018, we continued developing the efforts set on the Strategic Plan structured upon the Institutional and Company Strategic Levels, and Technology Park Zone I project.
Within the Institutional Level, we mainly highlighted the linkage actions focused on strengthening the working relationships and the experience interchange with other entities, both at the national as at the global levels. In this sense, we advanced with the signing of a technology cooperation agreement with Connex Europe (EU Projects); the involvement in the founding of the Monitoring Committee of the twinning between Rosario and Saint Louis; the participation in the 3rd Ibero-American Mayors Forum hosted by the IDB; the reception of a Silicon Valley delegation, in the context of Silicon Valley in Rosario; the partaking in the 42nd Annual Congress INTA-Fr (International Association of Urban Development, Germany); the relationships with the South African Embassy in Argentina; the international approach with the Argentinean Forum of Science and Technology for Production; the support to the Administrative Body of the Port of Rosario (Enapro, by its Spanish acronym) in its process of technological modernization, and with the University Institute of Bigger Rosario promoting its educational offer connected to new technologies.
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