28 octubre, 2012


catarula memorias 2019

In 2019, we continued developing a series of activities related to the Institutional Strategic Plan expressed at the Institutional, Company and Zone I levels.
At the institutional level, emphasis was placed on the work of the committees to enhance the opportunities for the active involvement of the partners interested in developing actions in line with the specific topics of interests (Internationalization, Financing, 4.0 Businesses, Education, Communities and the recent Women in Technology Committee).
Additionally, we continued developing the network of institutional relationships of the Polo Tecnológico Rosario via various cooperation agreements on technology signed with local and international entities (Conexx Europe, the Science and Technology Forum, Banco Credicoop Foundation and Cruzada Espíritu Santo Foundation, among others).
We took part in national institutional events, such us the 5th National Conference of Poles and Clusters, a federal event for exchanging experiences and discussing legal frameworks related to the software industry, as the bill of the Knowledge Economy.
Also, we made institutional visits to regional entities (Cideter) and we received various delegations of representatives from business entities (Aderr, Trascender, IDEA, Aapresid), extending the bonds of mutual cooperation.
At the company level, we continued providing services and, at the same time, expanding our service offering on financing through UVT-PTR (Projects of the Sience and Technology Agency of Santa Fe, fiscal credit), the areas of Quality (ISO Certification and SGC update), Demand Generation and Training.
In addition, we promoted and sustained public-private projects (Airport, City Council, racecourse Hipódromo de Rosario), a well as projects supported by the Tecnofe Program, which has the sponsoring of the provincial government, given the relevance of these in the digital transformation processes they carry out. From the Observatory of the PTR, we generate an annual report of the current situation and two wage-related surveys, during March and September, which give us an overview of the current situation of the member companies and allows us to track the changes related to wages in context of persistent inflation.
Regarding the Technology Park Zone I project, we continued advancing on the launching of i-Bar and, in particular, of the new building named Maker Space (in Spanish, “Espacio Maker”). This included the opening of a multi-purpose room, hosting a series of activities with a great attendance from the public, and the launching of a new co-working area for innovation and collaboration, with temporary and permanent jobs for entrepreneurs and technology makers, where they can develop their projects and experiment with new technologies.
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