28 octubre, 2012


memorias institucionales 2020 placa-01

The year 2020 was marked by the tremendous impact of COVID-19 pandemic, both locally and globally. In this context, the institution has undergone a process of adaptation and reconfiguration of its activities, applying the virtual modality and/or restrictive activities according to the protocols set forth by the Municipality, the Province and the State governments, and under this circumstances, they were developed in an highly restrictive financing and budgetary environment.
At the same time, the Annual General Meeting of the institution and the planned renewal of the authorities had to be postponed, as per the provisions set forth by the General Inspection of Legal Persons.
We would like to highlight the 20th Anniversary of the Polo Tecnológico Rosario in September, a proof of the sustained development of the institution thanks to the continuous public-private consensus and to the set of strategic initiatives that we have materialized gradually, such as, the Zone I Technology Park.
The operations of the working committees of the PTR were kept active in a virtual modality. In this context, it is worth mentioning the launching of the Profiles platform by the Business Committee, the series of activities of the Women in Technology Committee, the efforts of the Education Committee and the launching of agtech as a new committee.
From the Observatory of the PTR, we have developed a series of regular surveys to assess the impact of our companies and define joint actions to mitigate the effects of the pandemic; we continued driving new projects from the Demand Generation area with public agencies and private companies, and we expanded our training offering in the virtual modality and developed initiatives as a response to training requests set forth by the Santa Fe Province and the Municipalities.
Also, we hosted an extensive Chat Cycle from Home with virtual presentations focused on new technologies and business opportunities.
We continued supporting companies and entrepreneurs by the provision of services from the Linkage Unit of the PTR, channeling financing from the Science, Technology and Innovation Agency of Santa Fe (Agencia Santafecina de Ciencia, Tecnología e Innovación) and State agencies.
We took part of the technology and SMEs program called Programa Tecnopyme sponsored by the Ministry of Production of the Province, with the aim of linking the offer and the demand on technology of the production sector.5 We have signed an agreement with various public agencies (Enapro), associations (Bar Association of Rosario) and, in particular, with education institutions for specific training projects related to degree programs and technical certifications on Fullstack and Artificial Intelligence (College of Exact Sciences, Engineering and Surveying, Austral University and the National University of Technology).
Furthermore, we continued our active involvement in the Federal Net of Poles and Clusters (Red Federal de Polos y Clústeres) in the Coordination Commission composed of 10 of the 32 federal entities, focusing on the treatment of the amendments of the Act of the Economy of Knowledge.
Additionally, we took an active part in the foundation of the new Argentinean Net of Technology Poles and Parks (Red Argentina de Polos y Parques Tecnológicos), created with the goal of promoting joint actions related to the specific issues of our organizations .
Finally, we made progress in the efforts of the daily management of Zone I and, specially, driving the new Maker space, both at the co-working level as in the Maker workshop, jointly managed with interns of the College of Engineering of the National University of Rosario.
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