Our services

Demand generation

The area of Demand Generation promotes linkage and partnership with our partner companies.

With this purpose, we organize activities around various themes, coordinate linkage with other institutions and promote the engagement of companies on international commercial missions.

Also, we provide a follow-up on the main indexes of the tech industry by obtaining relevant information to address the dynamic and evolving nature of tech companies.

Public-Private Projects

In the Polo Tecnológico Rosario we focus our work on promoting innovation in the public sector.
With this in mind, we have developed mechanisms for linkage that allow us to generate projects in which our partner companies can provide their capacity and knowledge that help to modernize the public sector.

that help to modernize the public sector. Below, you can know more about different cases of public-provide project linkage that make possible to improve existing processes:

Open and Digital Parliament (City Council of Rosario)

  • Parliament Management System

  • Electronic Voting System in the site

  • Open Data Platform, with data extraction of the Parliament Management System and its incorporation with the Council web site.

International Airport of Rosario

  • Data collection for file management

  • Purchase of thermal cameras.

Hipódromo Independencia, Sociedad del Estado Municipal Hipódromo Rosario (Independencia Racetrack, Council Association for the Rosario Racetrack)

  • Add Main Title Software development for races, bets and assets management.